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In recent decades, due to the high prevalence of divorce in numerous countries and the detrimental aftermath thereof, it has become increasingly important to study the components of marital stability. The current study explored fundamental protective factors in long-term marriage through a systematic review.


Cue sad face.

We kiss and hug all the time. We look for reasons to be close or touch one another. All of my kinky friends in their own long-term relationships already know this.

Daddy has dental surgery this month three days before this post went live, actually. Because an unhappy, pent-up babygirl is not a fun or productive babygirl.

What date did it go in five years ago? Hell if I know. Hell, just the procedure for the IUD replacement alone will make me feel bad for a day or two.

By then, we may have an entire month to make up for. But those times are rare.

And when you go through a dry spell, enforced or not, it only makes you appreciate the time you get with each other even more. The pent-up energy of too long without kinky sex is pretty explosive, which might even make up for the lack of frequency.

Protective factors of marital stability in long-term marriage globally: a systematic review

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Intimate relationship

Are you sure? It seems everyone is always doing it.

I did that a few times. That seems to be our limit. We have very fun, kinky times.

But, many days there is absolutely no activity because life gets in the way. Hope you all recover quicker than expected. Glad to have confirmation that the crap of everyday life is normal for more than just me. Nothing really.

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